Are you ready to break the chains caused by your pain? or

Are you tired of feeling like a victim because the hurt and pain is just sitting inside not being used?

If you answered yes to these questions then you're in the right place.


If you have no idea how to use your pain as a vehicle for chasing your purpose then you're in the right place.

What if I told you...

...that every painful experience was not designed to break you down but to prepare you for something else. Every experience, good and bad, you've had up to this point is reusable for building the life that you want. The life that was designed specifically for you.

A life of waking up in the mornings with happiness and joy in your heart. 

A life of being able to look in the mirror and actually love what you see.

A life you don't have to run from because you're fulfilled with the work you're doing because you know how to turn hurt, pain, and suffering into tools for good.

Here's the secret...

This life is POSSIBLE by turning your pain into purpose! I'm a living, walking, breathing testimony to the validity of this truth. A sexual abuse victim, turned survivor that teaches women how to use self awareness as a tool for finding fulfillment. 

7 Ways to Turn Your Pain into Purpose

fills in all the gaps in easy, digestible, actionable steps

The truth is if you're not willing to give a new meaning or assignment to your pain, you'll stay stuck, unhappy, and left feeling worthless. 

You can change that outcome NOW by enrolling into class.

Imagine if you could...

  • Shamelessly acknowledge the pain without breaking down in tears or having mental relapses

  • Continuously share your testimony with someone else to help them reach their breakthrough

  • Effortlessly create boundaries that supports your mental wellness without making others feel neglected

  • Passionately say "I am Enough" and really mean it from your core being

You can do it ALL

but it starts with enrolling in class TODAY!

Hey fam! 

I’m LaKitia Woodard Self Awareness Coach, International Author, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur. I have a BA Business Management, MBA Global Management and was featured in the Houston Press, Voyage Houston Magazine and on NBC. 

Before all the titles and accolades were added behind my name, I was the typical first generation college student born and raised in the projects. By God’s grace, I defied all odds stacked against me and found myself sitting in orientation class at Thurgood Marshall School of Law. 

Oh yea, your girl got into law school but decided to drop out after the first year. 


Because God told me I needed to go a different way. He’s always laughing at our “plans” right?!

So I set out to “find” my purpose. During my 15 year career in Corporate Management and Operations, I noticed the battle high achieving women had with bridging the gap between personal fulfillment and professional growth. So I decided to solve the issue by helping women to pivot from perfection to purpose for creating work/life harmony. 

Now I’m disrupting corporate cultures by helping organizations create a working environment that fosters emotional wellbeing for developing authenticity in leadership at every level. 

Let me ask you this.

Are you battling with figuring out how to align your career with your purpose so you can leave a legacy and impact the world? 

If yes, then let me help you! 

I’ve been in your shoes and I want to teach you how to create a strategy to manifest the vision you have for your life. 

If this sounds good to you then let’s partner today!